Archive Noises

In his chapter, Archive Noises, Joan Fontcuberta (2014) attempts to define the role and purpose of photography in modern society. Since its existence was announced at the Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Fine Arts, by scientist and politician, François Arago on the 19th August 1839, Fontcuberta (2014) defines modern photographic practice as a discourse between documentation and experimentation, and between memory and forgetting. In other words, the photograph enables us to capture details which the human eye might miss, and serve as a prompt to recall visual data, which would otherwise be forgotten.  

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Let's go to a place

OCA tutor, Wendy McMurdo, uses photography to document the relationship between children and technology. She is currently exhibiting 'Let's Go to a Place', at the Edinburgh Museum of Childhood. It is inspired by the Pokemon Go craze that took the world by storm in the summer of 2016. The GPS-based app enables the user to use the camera on their digital device to view Pokemon characters in front of them, and enter a parallel world.

McMurdo has digitally manipulated the faces of children's portraits from her daughter's class. The distortions remind me of Julie Cockburn's portraits, however McMurdo's shapes appear to be more varied. They remind me of the pixellated shapes of the Pokemon Go characters that they would encounter. 

The viewer is unable to see the child's complete face, because they are not completely there. These digital natives have both an offline and online existence.

I am really interested in McMurdo's approach to the impact of new technologies on children. Her other work includes Masks II, which  explores identity and play in a post-digital world. This will be useful, when studying the Digital Identities part of this course. 

Exercise 1.3

Task: Use readily available images to make a short narrative series of four to six collages based on a recent or contemporary news event. 

A year after Britain chose to leave the European Union, and Article 50 triggered, it seems as though no-one really knows what it will involve. Ever since David Cameron decided to call a referendum, Brexit has featured in the news. Both Leave and Remain campaigns denounced each others' claims and the main political parties have been divided. David Cameron stepped down, Theresa May replaced him, and announced that David Davis, Boris Johnson and Liam Fox would oversee Britain's Brexit negotiations. 

The collages below are my interpretation of some of the issues surrounding Brexit.   

EU flag painted out.jpg
The Three Brexiteers

The Three Brexiteers